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Construction of high performance centres

We specialise in building and operating high-performance data centres. We focus on high-performance computing (HPC), which also includes blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining and artificial intelligence.


Specialized in the field of mining both GPU and ASICS POW. We have more than 6 years of experience in the sector. In all this time we have been able to forge a network of partners and suppliers that help us to offer a better service to our customers.

Consultancy and development

With our expertise in this revolutionary technology we will help you to develop and implement all the benefits of blockchain in your company s business. We will analyse your needs to find the best solutions that will bring new business models and new business models and opportunities.

kit digital

The website you want. Easy and powerful. It's as simple as that.

  • Unique custom design
  • Self-manageable website
  • Customisable seo plan
  • Content creation

1.990 €

100% subsidised
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A professional ecommerce within everyone's reach.

  • Product loading
  • Methods of payment
  • Shipping methods
  • Customised SEO plan

1.990 €

100% subsidised
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Manage customers with maximum efficiency.

  • Customer management
  • Custom fields
  • Reporting
  • Available in the cloud

from 790 €

100% subsidised
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CRM with appointment booking

Manage clients with appointment scheduling easily.

  • Choosing a professional
  • Advanced payment
  • Digital diary
  • Automatic reminders

from 990 €

100% subsidised
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Frequently asked questions

This is a financial aid programme for the digitalisation of SMEs and the self-employed. The Digital Kit is subsidised by the European Next Generation funds.

In freelancers, micro-enterprises and SMEs with up to 49 workers in any sector who want to boost their digital transformation.

Services 1 to 2 employees 3 to 9 employees 10 to 49 employees
Web 2.000 € 2.000 € 2.000 €
E-commerce 2.000 € 2.000 € 2.000 €
Customer management 2.000 € 2.000 € 4.000 €
Virtual office services and tools 500 € 2.250 € 12.000 €
Process management 2.000 € 3.000 € 6.000 €
Cybersecurity 250 € 1.125 € 6.000 €
Advanced internet presence 2.000 € 2.000 € 2.000 €

Be a small company, a micro-enterprise or a self-employed person based in Spain. Have a maximum of of 49 employees and no more than 10 million euros in annual turnover or the limit of 200,000 in aid.

Yes, you can contract as many solutions as you wish, either from the same or from different categories. categories. If the total amount is higher than the subsidised amount, the differential must be paid. differential.

No. Kit Digital subsidises the implementation of the solutions and licence for 12 months. months. After this period you can choose whether or not to renew the licences.

Power computing



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Ethereum classic


Solidity Factory is your partner in the world of Blockchain technology and specialises in building and operating high-performance data centres. As an innovation-driven company, we are a leading solution provider for institutional customers interested in sustainable and valuable technologies. Our main objective is to achieve the highest possible efficiency for maximum benefit, with renewable energy always in mind. Energy transition is our greatest differentiating value.


Alfred Mateu Huertas

CEO & Co-Founder


Andreu García Fernandez

CTO & Co-Founder


Ramon Castillo



Andorra Map


Two facilities in Andorra. One exclusively for Btc and the other exclusively for gpu mining.

Spain Map


A gpu mining facility in Spain with a solar farm producing 50% green energy.

Poland Map


A BTC farm with a windmill that produces 70% of the green energy.

Andorra Map


An ecological BTC farm powered by geothermal energy.

Andorra Map


A BTC farm in transition to use 20% solar energy.

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